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Follow us down these lonely paths.

Nike SB - Eric Koston Hypervulc | Black
Vans - Era | Black Chili Pepper (Pop)
Vans - Era | White (Premium Leather)
Vans - Authentic Pro | Red (Suede)
Independent - Gonz 215 Standard Collectors Box
Vans Girls - Palisades SF | Drizzle (Just Stripes)
Vans Girls - Authentic Lo Pro | Grenadine / White
Vans - Kids Era | Black / Camellia Rose
Vans - Kids Authentic | Ceramic / Parisian Night
Vans - Kids Authentic | Camellia Rose
Vans - Kids Authentic | Perf / Hot Pink
Vans - Kids SK8-Hi | Black
Vans - Kids SK8-Hi Zip | Tornado (Mono)
Vans - Kids SK8-Hi Zip | Dress Blue (Mono)
Vans - Kids Slip-On | Black
Vans - Kids Slip-On | Black (Checkerboard)
Vans - Kids Authentic | Black Black
Vans - Kids Authentic | Black
Vans Girls - SK8-Hi Slim | Moody Floral
Vans Girls - Authentic | Moody Floral
Vans Girls - Authentic | Crimson (Gradient)
Converse - Classic Chuck Taylor Hi | Navy
Emerica - Wino Cruiser | Black
Emerica - Herman G6 Vulc | Dark Grey
Emerica - Herman G6 Vulc | Black White
Emerica - Figueroa | Black
Emerica - Figueroa | Navy Gum
Emerica - Romero Laced | Black Gum
Emerica - Romero Laced | Black Black White
Emerica - Romero Laced | Brown Gum
Emerica - Reynolds Vulc | Black Gold
Emerica - Reynolds Vulc | Black White
Emerica - Hsu Low Vulc | Dark Grey
Emerica - Hsu Low Vulc | Navy Grey
Emerica - Hsu Low Vulc | Black
Osiris - Relic | Black Surplus
Osiris - Protocol | Grey Light Grey
Osiris - Protocol | Black White Black
Osiris - Protocol | Black Gum
'eS - Accel Slim | Black Gum
'eS - Accel Slim | White Red
'eS - Accel OG | Black

Rob Wootton is a skate-a-holic.  He has to be, in order to
put out the number of parts this monster does.  So, here is yet
another example of his awesomenous.  This one is via the Berrics.

Evan's No Hotels part is live on the Thrasher Mag site.
If you haven't seen it yet, you're blowing it. 

Evan Smith's Time Trap part just dropped on Thrasher Mag.
An incredible part by an incredible human.  Good shit Evan!

Chris Coogan has a part on the Ride Channel that just dropped.
Do yourself a favor and watch it.  It will make you want to skate.

Chris Coogan and friends just took a trip to Oregon
with the Typical Culture  guys

Lots of good coverage of the Adidas Skate Copa Finals over
on the Berrics site.  Click over there and take a peek.
Congrats to  3rd Lair for taking home the trophy!!

Bryan Schaefer has a ton of footage.  Here is some of the stuff that
will not be making the cut for the new Plus Video that's in the works.
Filmed  by Anthony Desimone and David Jackson.

The dudes, Chris Blake, Rob Wootton, Chad Poore, and Niels Bennett
won the  Adidas Skate Copa contest in Atlanta.  Here is a video recap
The Berrics  put up.  There was a ton of ripping going on at that
contest by everyone  there.  Glad we were able to pull it off! 
Good shit fellas!!

FullChris Coogan is ALWAYS killing it.  He goes 100 mph at
everything  and makes everything look fun.  This is a shared
part with Creature  ripper, Truman Hooker, put together by
James Truesdale for a video called  "Take the 8 East".
Bravo dudes.

Bryan Schaefer has been on our radar for quite some time now.
He just had  this part drop on the Transworld site.
Matthew Leach put the edit  together, did an amazing job.
Super good.  Super rad.  Good stuff.  Click above  and check it.

Here is a video recap of the trip the dudes took up to Atlanta for
the Adidas  Skate Copa contest.  Filmed and put together by the
great filmer Kevin  Perez.  Give it a peep!



Congratulations to Team OVO for winning the first
annual King of the Kicker Contest.  Thanks to all
the teams that participated and made this event even
better than we thought it was going to be!

If you live in the Orlando area get
your squad together and try your
luck at our King Of the Kicker contest!

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